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The Riverina

Casella Family Brands is Australia’s largest family-owned wine company founded in 1969, today led by Managing Director, John Casella.

Filippo and Maria Casella immigrated to Australia in 1957. They bought land and established a vineyard at Yenda in the Riverina region of NSW in 1965. Their son, John Casella took over the business in 1994 and it’s been growing ever since.

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The family’s success story from humble beginnings has been told many times over and is still one of the most remarkable in Australian winemaking history. It begins with Filippo and Maria Casella setting sail from Italy to Australia to find a better way of life and eventually settling in Yenda, New South Wales. After many years of hard work and struggle, it was in 2001 that things really changed for the family. Driven by John’s vision to create an approachable wine that consumers wanted to drink and could easily understand, [yellow tail] wines were fruit forward, delicious and soft on the palate with no jargon. The rapid success in the US market made [yellow tail] a global phenomenon, and the wines are still enjoyed by millions of people around the world every day.

John’s passion for Australian winemaking and love of the land his family now call home, has led to the expansion of the company to include some of the country’s most iconic wineries. Honouring decades of family winemaking tradition, John’s desire is to showcase the regional excellence of Australia’s most famed regions and widely respected winemakers.

We invite you to explore our range and hope you enjoy sharing our wines with friends and family, for moments big and small.

Casella Family Wines

The Riverina

Sunday, 16 May 2021


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